Heads up: New Days for Girls Podcast has Launched

Written by Fiona Sleigh, IMHER Student Research Assistant

Days for Girls International has added a new component to its work: a podcast about breaking barriers for women and girls around the world.

Jessica Williams, Chief Communications Officer at Days for Girls International, takes listeners behind the scenes of MHM work with the Days for Girls Podcast, which launched this week.

With the podcast, Williams seeks to tap into the wide constellation of issues, fields, and experts that touch on some aspect of menstrual health and hygiene work, broadly defined. As part of that approach, she plans to interview thought leaders in female-focused international development as well as experts in the fields of menstrual health, female empowerment, social entrepreneurship, visual storytelling, and more. See Williams describe her vision for the podcast below.

The first set of podcast guests have included Dr. Julie Hennegan, a researcher in women’s health, Neville Okwaro, a menstrual hygiene management trainer from Kenya, and Tania Safi, a videographer who has focused on rights issues for girls as part of their documentary work, and others. Coming soon is also a segment with Professor Deborah J. Brooks, the founder of IMHER.

To listen, visit daysforgirls.org/podcast or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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