New Dialogue about MHM in Emergency Response

Recent contributions by Days for Girls & partners, plus links to other resources

In honor of MH Day in late May 2021, Days for Girls and various partners (including IMHER, among others) cosponsored a webinar entitled “Periods In and After the Pandemic: Refugee Spotlight.”

The webinar brought together stakeholders to discuss the matter of how the compounded challenges of displacement and the COVID pandemic have affected the menstrual health and care of refugees.

A recording of the webinar can be viewed here (scroll down to the bottom of that link to see it). Additionally, a post-webinar synopsis – a report coauthored by Fiona Sleigh of IMHER – is posted here.

The Days for Girls Emergency Response page is also notable as a potential resource for anyone working on these issues.

Other Key Resources for Emergency Response Organizations

For organizations engaged in work pertaining to crisis situations, also consider these previously released resources on this topic (albeit without a focus on the additional challenges created by the COVID pandemic.)

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