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Our Mission


Our mission at IMHER (the International Menstrual Health Entrepreneurship Roundup) is to help empower girls and women around the world by providing an objective, free source of information about menstrual health education and products to the organizations and innovators that address economic access issues.  In so doing, we also aim to enrich the research skills, gender awareness, and cultural understanding of undergraduates at Dartmouth College as they work to gather and curate this information for the global social good.


This project was initiated by Professor Deborah Jordan Brooks, as part of her work on global women’s empowerment at Dartmouth College, a research university located in the northeastern region of the United States.

This project was inspired by the work of some of Dartmouth’s past Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) scholars who came to the U.S. through Mandela Washington Fellowships to learn how to improve access to menstrual hygiene supplies and education in their home countries.

With funding and support provided solely through Dartmouth and through the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, which is part of the university, IMHER has no financial stake in the menstrual hygiene sector.  IMHER does not accept donations, and never charges any fees to users.  Our independent funding basis helps to assure that we are in a position to disseminate information freely and without bias, a goal that is central to the work of academic institutions.

Most of the data available here have been gathered by Dartmouth College students as they further their research skills and knowledge about global development issues pertaining to women.  See our team page for more.

IMHER’s role is solely to provide information.  We cannot provide any funding or material support to organizations or to entrepreneurs.

Educational Focus


This is an educational enterprise at its core; it is a learning opportunity for university students to assemble information for public use that has the potential to help those in the field do their work more efficiently and effectively.

We do what we can to that end without the benefit of a full-time staff for this project, and with time commitments guided by other professional and educational responsibilities associated by the U.S. academic calendar.  Please see our contact page page about how to reach us with suggestions, additions, or corrections we may have missed.