Other MHM Information Resources

To our knowledge, there are only two organizations that focus primarily on collecting and disseminating a relatively broad array of information about global menstrual health and hygiene: IMHER (this website, university based, focuses on menstrual issues in low-income contexts) and MH Hub. MH Hub is run by a group of menstrual project consultants based in Germany. It largely relies on a crowd-sourced (rather than curated) model for the information it provides about all forms of vaginal bleeding across all income contexts, whereas IMHER drills down specifically into MHM in lower-income contexts.

Other websites that offer resources which might be of potential use to those engaged in MHM work are listed below. Note that available resources on any given website can change frequently, so be sure to check the organization’s website itself, rather than relying solely on IMHER’s description of it.

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