Upcoming Webinar on Understanding the Menstrual Health Landscape in East Africa

An online panel discussion with a focus on Kenya and Tanzania on Wed, Feb 23 TOPIC: Understanding the Menstrual Health Landscape in East Africa: Learning from MH policies and programs in Kenya and Tanzania SPONSORS: Days for Girls,, the Irise Institute, the The Government of Uganda, and African Women’s Development Fund SPEAKERS: See speakers listed on photo below DATE: 23 Feb 2022 TIME: 10:00-11:30 AM EAT (i.e. 7:00 am GMT / 2:00 am EST) REGISTRATION LINK: http://shorturl.at/cyA35 (or swipe the QR code below)


Upcoming Webinar – Periods In and After the Pandemic: Refugee Spotlight on Wed, May 26

In honor of MH Day, Days for Girls – in conjunction with several honorary cosponsors (of which IMHER is one) – will be sponsoring an interactive webinar about the effect of the pandemic on refugees with respect to menstruation. The webinar will be held on May 26 6:00-7:00 am UTC. Click here to register, and to read a description of the event. After the event, the IMHER research team will be contributing to a post-webinar report that will focus on key takeaways from the discussion. Additionally, Days for Girls will record and post the proceedings after the event, for those who are unable to attend.


Advancing Menstrual Equity at the Systemic Level: A Webinar Report

From considering the role government can play on a macro-level of setting national agendas, to the specifics of what it means to design a building that is MHM-conscious, the panelists each contributed to a dynamic conversation on how to improve menstrual equity through policy shifts and standards. Here we will be focusing on a selection of key ideas that emerged from the discussion.


Webinar Alert: Advancing Menstrual Equity at the Systemic Level Through Policy Shifts and Standards

On Thursday, Feb 25, from 10:00-11:00 AM EAT, Days for Girls and the African Coalition for Menstrual Health Management will co-host a Zoom Webinar focused on menstrual health policy in East and Southern Africa. The webinar will feature a number of speakers working on menstrual health issues and policy in the region. IMHER is an honorary co-host of the event.


Covid-19 and Menstrual Hygiene Challenges: A Webinar Report

On May 27, Days for Girls, the UNFPA, and the ACMHM brought together participants from around the world to consider the intersection of menstrual health and hygiene work and Covid-19 in Africa. In this post, we focus on a selection of key ideas coming forth from the event that are specific to the MHM/Covid-19 intersection that many MH-focused organizations are grappling with right now.


Upcoming Webinar on May 27

On May 27, join many who do MHM work at the 90-minute webinar “Menstrual Health Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa: What Have We Learnt?” This is an event spearheaded by Days for Girls in conjunction with the UNFPA and the ACMHM. IMHER is an honorary host of the event, along with several other MHM organizations. It will feature many different speakers from across the region. Additionally, the timing of the meeting – the day before MH Day – can help to create a sense of community among those doing menstrual hygiene work that could otherwise be missed in the absence on conferences and in-person meetings during the…

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