Menstrual Health Education and Educational Policy, A Comparative Study of Twelve Countries

An executive summary has just been published of a recent report, “Advancing Menstrual Health, Education, and Economic Progress,” a collaborative research effort between DLA Piper, New Perimeter, and Days for Girls. 

The countries represented in the report include India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, Scotland, and the United States.  The analysis focuses primarily on educational challenges and policy strategies and implementation. 

This analysis represents progress within the menstrual health sector partly because comparing across countries rather than just within a single country allows for broader learning about the full range of policy approaches taken around many parts of the world.  In practice, it tends to be very challenging – and expensive – to conduct that kind of broad-scope comparative research work, however, so it tends to be quite rare.  This carefully-researched analysis represents an important step in that direction. 

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