ACMHM 2021 Symposium Save the Date

Upcoming Symposium: Improving Menstrual Health Management in Africa

Save the Date – 25 to 27 May 2021, in honor of Menstrual Hygiene Day

In 2018, the UNFPA brought to Johannesburg many of those working on menstrual health and hygiene in Africa to honor Menstrual Hygiene Day, while building alliances across the continent (see IMHER’s post on that event.)

Three years later, the spirit of that event is continuing – this time, in remote form – with a three-day online symposium sponsored by the ACMHM (The African Coalition for Menstrual Health Management) and MH Day.

If it is anything like its predecessor – which it intends to be, as outlined in the symposium concept note – this will be a very important event for anyone working on MHM issues, perhaps even if their own work is primarily outside of the African continent.

While a remote format is likely to lose a bit of the unforgettable “wow factor” and networking opportunities involved with the original symposium, its vastly greater accessibility to those doing this work on the ground will mean that far more people and organizations will be able to have a presence and voice in its proceedings.

Schedules and logistical details about the meetings will be posted on the ACMHM website over the coming weeks.