Team of global experts officially defines the term “menstrual health”

Written by Fiona Sleigh, IMHER Student Research Assistant

As part of the effort to advance menstrual policy, research, and practice, a leading team of experts organized by the Global Menstrual Collective has officially defined the term “menstrual health.”

The team of 51 experts from around the world defined menstrual health (a noun) as: “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in relation to the menstrual cycle.”

By defining this term, the team aims to unite and direct the menstrual movement. Senior author Thérèse Mahon wrote that having a shared vocabulary will help stakeholders across sectors prioritize menstrual needs and collaborative on issues related to public health and gender equality.

Under this definition, achieving menstrual health would mean that all menstruators can access appropriate menstrual information, facilities, and care. It would also mean that menstruators experience a positive and stigma-free environment and have the freedom to participate in any activities they choose.

You can read the journal article in full here, or see a one-page summary of the team’s work here.