Tips for engaging boys and older people in menstrual health learning (an “IMHER ASKS” video interview)

An interview with Hyasintha Ntuyeko of Kasole Secrets in Tanzania

Written by Claire Thomas (IMHER research assistant)
Edited by Dhwani Kharel (IMHER student research assistant)

In these next two segments of IMHER’s interview series with female-focused innovators around the world, Hyasintha Ntuyeko offers advice to those seeking to increase awareness about menstrual health in their communities. She discusses this topic with reference to her work in Tanzania, and addresses various approaches that have allowed her organization to incorporate men and boys into learning initiatives around puberty and MHM.

Along the way, she provides a number of practical tips about how to make awareness campaigns and classroom curricula more gender – and generation – inclusive, even when there might be some initial resistance to open discussion of menstrual hygiene in a given community.

Ideas for increasing community comfort around the topic of menstruation

(Segment length: 6 minutes, 27 seconds)

Tips for integrating boys and men into menstrual education discussions

( Segment length: 12 minutes, 16 seconds)


Hyasintha Ntuyeko has been working on menstrual hygiene entrepreneurship in Tanzania for nearly a decade.  She is the founder and CEO of Kasole Secrets (the producer of Glory Pads disposable sanitary pads) and Hedhi Salama, which implements puberty education programs largely through the allocation of substantial percentage of the profits produced through pad sales. For more background on Ms. Ntuyeko and her work, see the first video for this video series.


Part inspiration for others doing this work, part practical “how to,” and part scalable mentorship across borders, this series of videos produced largely by IMHER’s team of Dartmouth College undergraduates with support from The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding is designed to understand the challenges, successes, and solutions experienced by different female-focused entrepreneurs around the world, as informed by their own wisdom and experiences in their own communities, and as told in their own voices.

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