Heads Up: Rise Up’s Gender Equity Initiative for Female-focused Innovators

Written By Claire Thomas (IMHER Student Research Assistant)

SUMMARY:  October 28th is the deadline for Rise Up’s 2020 Gender Equity Initiative leadership training program in South Africa. Even if you are not eligible to apply during this round due to geographic exclusions, keep an eye on Rise Up’s leadership training programs since they are likely to be run in other regions in the future.

What is Rise Up?  Rise Up is a global not-for-profit organization founded in 2009 that invests in girls and women. It does so largely by supporting the work of female-focused, community-based innovators and leaders, while advocating in favor of policies that promote female progress.

What is the Gender Equity Initiative? The Gender Equity Initiative (GEI) is a free, multi-part training program for non-profit entrepreneurs provided by Rise Up.  It starts with a one-week advocacy and leadership training program that also features a local networking component. After the workshop ends, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to apply for seed funding from the Rise Up ‘Social Justice Fund,’ which is intended to help entrepreneurs launch the plans they developed during the workshop.

Geographic Eligibility:  This round of the GEI is limited to those working in South Africa (Gauteng Province and Durban, specifically).  However, Rise Up is a Global Organization with a new $6 million partnership to advance social gender equity issues in Nigeria, Mexico, India, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, and the United States.  As such, it seems many IMHER readers may want to keep an eye on future opportunities it may offer (go here to see some of the other programs they have funded in recent years.)

Who is eligible to apply? Eligible candidates must…

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 60 years old. 
  • Be a current resident based in Gauteng Province or Durban, South Africa.
  • Have a personal interest and commitment to promoting changes in government systems, programs, laws and policies affecting economic and educational opportunities, human rights, social justice and equity, health, and welfare of women and girls in the counties.
  • Currently work at a non-profit organization, NGO, grassroots organization, media or government organization at a level of coordination or management and have some level of decision-making power.
  • Have the support of the leadership of the organization to participate in a training week from February 2-9, 2020
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in one or more of the following areas (for a more detailed description of eligibility requirements, click here).
    • Girls’ Education
    • Youth Development
    • Economic empowerment, microcredit, or poverty alleviation
    • Gender equity
    • Human rights
    • LGBTQ+ rights
    • Community mobilization & development
    • Media and communications
    • Sustainable development
    • Public policy or advocacy
    • Women’s civic engagement and political participation
    • Racial justice
    • Environmental justice and climate change

Cost: The training is free for those accepted into the program, and travel, accommodations and meals will be covered throughout the week.

Application Deadline: October 28th, 2019

When is the in-person training? February 2nd-9th 2020.

To apply, click here.

For more information on Rise Up, click here. For more on the Gender Equity Initiative, click here.

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