More Upcoming Webinars

The days before, during, and after Menstrual Hygiene Day / May 28 always tend to be a busy time for those who do work related to menstrual health. This year features many different webinars and events, some pertaining to Covid-19, and some not. Here, we feature a selection of them:

May 21, 2020 – 8th Virtual Conference on MHM in Schools, with the theme “Innovation in MHM: Putting Girls at the Center” (link)

May 26 – “Menstrual Health – Lessons from the Field” (link) A webinar on “why funders and practitioners should invest in a cross-sectoral approach to addressing menstrual health

May 27 –   “Menstrual Health Responses to COVID-19 Pandemic in Africa: What Have We Learnt?” Days for Girls in conjunction with the UNFPA and the ACMHM. IMHER is an honorary host of the event (link)

May 28 – “Periods in Pandemics: Menstrual Health Activism during the COVID-19 crisis” sponsored by the Swedish Organization for Global Health (see announcement below)

June 12-13 – A Men 4 Periods conference focused on “Men taking the lead against period stigma” (see event announcement below)

For events and resources associated with Menstrual Hygiene Day, visit the global MH Day website.

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