Lessons Learned from Tanzania’s Recent Menstrual Product VAT Flip Flop

In July 2018, the Tanzanian Government removed the VAT (“Value Added Taxes”) from disposable menstrual pads , joining a small group of countries that no longer tax these items. But just one year later, the government suddenly announced that it would be fully reinstating the tax. This post discusses some potential lessons to be learned for anyone working towards the elimination of female-focused taxes in their own countries.

Dongas bicycle in scenic setting

Creative Advocacy: Adrian Dongus “Menstrual Cycling” as an MHM Advocate

Adrian Dongus is currently cycling across 14 countries – from Kenya to the Netherlands – to raise money for menstrual hygiene kits to be given to refugees. While few people are likely to have the exact set of interests, skills, and resources needed to take on a challenge of this nature, this example provides an opportunity for anyone involved in MHM work to think of creative ways that they might be able to combine their own personal interests and personal hobbies – or those of others they happen to know – with the work of bringing awareness to menstrual issues.