Jenny Peterlin

Research Team 2017-18, Research Team 2018-19

Jenny is an Asian and Middle Eastern Studies major (with a concentration on East Asia), and a Global Health minor. She will be graduating from Dartmouth in 2020. She worked on this project during 2018-2019, with a particular focus on finding available online educational resources.

Jenny came to this project from an interest in global public health. Through her work with Dartmouth Globemed’s partner, the Kachin Women’s Association, she has explored issues pertaining to reproductive health care challenges for women in Thailand. During much of her junior year, she learned about healthcare for women and the role of menstrual hygiene management in Chinese traditional medicine while studying in the Yunnan province of China.

About this project, Jenny observes,” the spirit of these entrepreneurial MHM organizations and their commitment to social justice shines through the content of their websites– you can just tell that all parties are incredibly invested in the work of their organization, often because no others will do the work in their geographic location if they do not. I hope that this global platform that we have been working on will contribute to the ability of MHM organizations and entrepreneurs to expand their reach and economic viability.”