Catherine Zhao


Catherine will be graduating from Dartmouth in 2019 with a major in Computer Science. She has an applied interest in graphic design, and joined the IMHER project in Spring 2018 to create the “look” of the IMHER logo and image. In the past, she has also worked on graphic projects for Dartmouth College for several clubs including the Dartmouth Outing Club, Christian Union, and Dartmouth Organic Farm. On campus, she continues to work on UI/UX design for various organizations through the DALI (“Dartmouth Applied Learning and Innovation”) Lab.

While working on this project, Catherine says that she was, “struck by the need and special challenge of creating clear logos and imagery to convey information about work on what many consider to be a personal or private topic.” She was particularly impressed by the creative ways in which other organizations have used sanitary pad, female imagery, and national coverage to convey a powerful message about the work they do.