About the Research Studies Database  

 All of the standard elements of our databases apply – i.e., most of the information has been entered, written, and/or checked by university students; the links are checked at least annually; standard copyright and citation requirements apply; and readers should always verify information by going to the organization’s website directly, and so on. (For other information on all of our databases, go here.)

Beyond that, specifically with reference to ourresearch studies database:

→  With appreciation for the screening value of peer review, we mostly post peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and not unpublished papers or reports. However, we do sometimes make exceptions (i.e., if a paper or report has been getting cited frequently in published work, or if a report contains a notably good literature review.)

→  To make sure that we always comply with copyright restrictions, we cannot post the full text of published articles on IMHER. If you would like to read an article of interest, consider using the citation information we provide to in an Internet search engine, such as Google. In some cases, published papers are available free to readers online, in other cases, close-to-final drafts are free to access. But many – some would argue, far too many – academic articles are hidden behind “paywalls” (i.e., requirements to purchase articles, often at astoundingly high prices.)

→  To suggest new published research for us to add to our database, please go to our contacts page.