About the Digital Storytelling Database

All of the standard elements of our databases apply – i.e., most of the information has been entered, written, and/or checked by university students; the links are checked at least annually; standard copyright and citation requirements apply; and readers should always verify information by going to the organization’s website directly, and so on. (For other information on all of our databases, go here.)

With specific reference to the digital storytelling database:

→ All usage restrictions for a given resource need to be checked with the organization that created it or that owns it. IMHER does not have any role in granting usage rights for any resources not created specifically by us.

→ In some cases, we have not been able to discern the language of the resource.  If the language of a resource is not listed and cannot be identified by our team, we mark that resource with “Unidentified Language.”

→ We only provide links to digital resources; we do not store or host digital resources on our website.

→ To suggest new digital resources for us to add to our database, please go to our contact page.