Form to Report Technical Issues with the Website

Based on our internal testing, the IMHER website seems to work with most major browsers and types of devices.  However, here are some tips if you run into any technical challenges with this website.

FOR BROKEN LINKS:  Please submit a “correction” suggestion on this form for any broken links within our website.

FOR DATABASE & FORM ISSUES:  If you are having trouble with our databases and/or with our contact forms, try a different browser and/or device.  Beyond that, the issue likely pertains to Airtable, which is the (otherwise rather incredible) database program that makes the complex data management for this data-intensive website possible.  For more, see this description of Airtable’s technical requirements.

REGARDING DATABASE SEARCHES ON MOBILE DEVICES:  AirTable does not yet offer search, filter, or sort capability for shared databases on mobile devices (cell phones and tables).  That means that if you want to search for, say, just organizations based in India that sell disposable pads or if you want to find information for a particular organization, you can only do that easily from a laptop or desktop computer (using the “filter” and/or “search” functions.)  For mobile devices, you will generally have to manually look over each record to locate the records you are looking for.  We are lobbying AirTable for improved mobile functionality, as we expect that would be a benefit to some of our readers.


Anytime you encounter a technical issue with a website, start by trying a different browser.  We do most of our testing with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, so first try to access IMHER with another browser that you are not currently using.  It also never hurts to restart your device, and to delete the “history” and “cookies” from your browser.

If your technical issue with the IMHER site persists, please use the form below (or this direct link to the same form) to describe the technical issue you are facing, so we can look for patterns and try to find a way to address it.